The Foundation


Fountain of Love Christian Center was founded on May 3, 1987 by Dr. James M. O'Neal, PhD., and Saundra O'Neal. The O'Neal's both grew up in broken homes, in an impoverished urban community where domestic violence, crime, and unemployment were the norm. And yet, they were determined to break free from these economic conditions. They knew, even as a young couple, that faith, education, and hard-work was the key to a better life. Therefore, in the face of these adversities, Dr. O'Neal continued his post-secondary education, completing his Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting. He then went on to complete his MBA, which included obtaining his CPA license. Soon after this, he went on to earn a dual Doctorate in Theology and Philosophy of Religion. His wife, Saundra O'Neal also went on to complete her post-secondary degree by earning her Bachelor Science degree in Sociology and Psychology. In addition to the aforementioned, Dr. James O'Neal was also a successful business man in corporate America. And, it was while working for a Fortune 500 company that he decided to start his own private accounting firm, AMS Financial Services.

Dr. O'Neal also taught part-time at the University of Redlands, in Redlands California. During all of this, his wife Saundra continued to help support the family by remaining at home to raise their sons, J. Michael and Jarron Christopher O'Neal. However, it was not long before the O'Neal family realized that obtaining the American Dream for themselves was just part of their responsibility. They had a desire to reach out and help educate those around them, whether it is family, friends, or members of their neighborhood and community. This inner desire, coupled with planning, sacrifice, and prayer, resulted in them formulating a blueprint for a church that would minister to the needs of people both spiritually and naturally.

Governmental Accolades

Local government and non-profit agencies have recognized Fountain of Love Christian Center for its positive contributions to the community. This has included outstanding service and leadership recognition. The State of California Assembly has awarded FOLCC for its spiritual enrichment to the Pomona Valley, and for its strong participation in numerous local programs that have benefited the social and economic fabric of local municipalities. Active civic input from FOLCC has served to build ties with local city-officials that have resulted in the City of Pomona designating FOLCC property as a local shelter for emergency utilization.

The Legacy Lives On

Jarron Christopher O'Neal and J. Michael O'Neal served diligently under their father's tutelage. Having both received formal music training, they lent their talents to the various missionary crusades sponsored by their father. By the time they reached their early teens, they had traveled extensively to some of the most impoverished and gang infested neighborhoods found in the United States. Some of the more memorable trips included outreach crusades in Brooklyn New York, Little Rock Arkansas, De Kalb Mississippi, and the South Central section of Los Angeles, California. And, it was from these experiences that Jarron and his brother witnessed first-hand the workings of inner-city America. As young men, they came into close contact with gang members, prostitutes, pimps, derelicts, and homeless families. At these crusades, there were literally hundreds of people in attendance, many of them sitting on the ground at city parks or under make-shift tents, while they listened to the message of hope that was preached. And, it was while working side by side with their mother and father that they learned valuable lessons that would serve as the foundation for the lives they would build in adulthood. At the age of twenty-three, Jarron took the position of Youth Leader. In this position, he gained valuable experience teaching and counseling young people, often providing them with the support and encouragement necessary to make a successful transition into young adulthood. He started out by instituting mid-week share groups which allowed teens to talk about real issues that faced them on a daily basis. In fact, within a two-year period, this group had become one of the most successful youth groups in the area.

As a result, Pastor Jarron was invited to share with other youth groups his mentoring techniques that has changed so many lives. Additionally, while serving under his father, Jarron continued his post-secondary education. In 2001 he completed his Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Information Systems. Following his graduation, Jarron worked in the financial industry as a Sr. Software Engineer. This career was very demanding, and yet he still was able to begin a second career as a songwriter, singer, and musician in the recording industry under SESAC Publishing.