Pastor Saundra O'Neal

Our Church Founder

Pastor Saundra O'Neal

Pastor Saundra is co-founder of Fountain of Love Christian Fellowship in Pomona, California along with her late beloved husband, Dr. James M. O'Neal. She has two sons, Pastor Jarron C O'Neal, and Pastor J. Michael O'Neal, actively involved in the ministry as Senior Pastor and Music Minister respectively at Fountain of Love Christian Center. She is a graduate of Pepperdine University with dual degrees in Sociology and Psychology. She is also a member of the National Counseling Society.

Pastor Saundra O'Neal acknowledged God's call to the ministry at the early age of fourteen. God spoke the words, "Lift Your Voice like a Trumpet!" From that day forward, she searched the scriptures and prayed for the meaning of these words and the revelation of how these words would impact her life. At the age of sixteen Saundra was baptized in the Holy Spirit and immediately began to prophesy speaking to the nations and of future events that had yet to occur. This unquestionable manifestation of the Holy Spirit propelled her toward her primary purpose and destiny.

As she walks in her calling as Prophet and Psalmist, Saundra ministers the unchanging and uncompromising Word of God with power and boldness. Her God-given anointing allows her to minister prophetically and teach with clarity bringing revelation to the Word of God. She has been ordained to speak into marriages and families, and brings purpose and fulfillment to individuals of all ages. She teaches practical applications from the Word of God for everyday living that moves people from all walks of life beyond average and into the destiny God has for them. Her teaching brings healing and restoration of the total man and has the capability to pierce even the hardest of hearts. Her gift of exhortation strengthens and encourages believers to take a step of faith, stand on the Word of God and walk into their God given promises.

Saundra's unique anointing has been fashioned by the Holy Spirit. Each time she ministers the Word it is like receiving fresh manna or our daily bread from heaven. Her ministry is confirmed with signs and wonders following. Testimonies abound regarding reports of spiritual and physical healings, fulfilled prophecies, and financial breakthroughs. She seeks no glory, but instead gives God all the glory yielding herself to be a vessel used by God.