I am very thankful to Fountain of Love Christian Center. Many years ago my mother suffered an injury to her brain after a terrible fall. After taking her to several doctors and specialists, we were given a very unfavorable prognosis. However, Fountain of Love Christian Center partnered with us in prayer, and my mother was healed within a short time. Subsequently, we took her back to doctors, and she was given a clean bill of health.
Christopher Branch

The life principals taught at the Fountain of Love have brought blessing and harmony to our family. In addition, it has been the friendships we have developed through this ministry that have brought and encouragement not only to ourselves, but to our children as well. We would not have time to tell you how we have been encouraged throughout the last 21 years that we would have a part of this church family.
Peter & Theresa Poullard

Since we have been attending Fountain of Love Christian Center, our life has changed dramatically. We've been applying the principals we learned during the family and marriage series, and everything has changed for the better. This ministry has truly been a blessing in our lives.
Tayari & Esther Edwards

The teachings we have received at Fountain of Love Christian Center has gotten us to believe in ourselves, and what we can accomplish. We have learned how to work out conflicts, and build strong relationships. We thank God for this church.
Lloyd & Kira Bowen

We have been faithful members at the Fountain of Love for over 8 years. Through the teachings and principles we've received, we have seen our lives become so much better.
Jorge Garcia